Defining a Generation

There are two things that I have not commented on. One, Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom and two, generational differences.

The Iraq operations really hit too close to home for me to be objective.  As for generational differences, there is a lot of very interesting work on this topic. Although I am interested in what is being said, I have not entered the conversation. One post I really appreciated was by Your HR Guy and like him, I am not particularly interested in a Generational Smackdown.

Well, these two issues converged for me the other day. I was half-watching the news yesterday morning when a picture of a young boy came on. He was being handed the flag from his father's casket. His father was a Marine. His father was killed in Iraq and this young boy was doing everything he could to maintain his composure under grace. He didn't want to cry. He was a young boy who had been forced to grow up way beyond his years, way too soon.

Honestly, my first thought about this was that I hope he has great, caring resources around him so he does not grow up bitter. My second thought was that maybe he has a right to be bitter. He definitely has a right to be hurting right now - he lost his Daddy.

How many other children out there are suffering a loss so heartbreaking as this young boy. Many, many, many. How is this going to define them? I hope not bitterness, but what about PASSION. Passion for what is right, passion for challenging the status quo and for not accepting that someone else may know better? Passion for asking the questions, for holding leaders accountable for each and every word they speak and action they take. Passion for doing what is right and not settling for any less?

How will each individual leader respond to this type of scrutiny and accountability. How many will fall and who will be left standing? 

How would this passion be translated in the workplace? For those who have it and are looking for a place to work, come work beside me.