Tim Sackett Day: Honoring Kelly Dingee

Today is Tim Sackett Day, aka all about driving awareness for the HR/recruiting underdog. It's about the practitioner who works hard and doesn't have time for fancy lists and Forbes articles. We are celebrating a practitioner who is getting stuff done.

Photo credit: iStockPhoto

Photo credit: iStockPhoto

Kelly Dingee is that woman. Kelly is the sourcer go-to-girl and a wonder of a human being.  Kelly was one of the first people I connected with on Twitter and although we don't cross paths often, I enjoy seeing her in my stream.

If you don't know Kelly Dingee, you are missing out. It's never too late to add another link to you reader, another connection to your LinkedIn profile or another face to your Twitter stream. You can find Kelly  here:



Fistful of Talent

We are using the hashtag #timsackettday on Twitter for Kelly's recognition as a heroic HR person and human being. Keep an eye out for the tweets and RT a few of them!

HR love to you, Kelly!



Meet Madison Jones

One of the many things I enjoy about this hyper-connected social world we live in today is that I get to meet people I would not normally have the opportunity to meet.

Photo credit: iStock Photo

Photo credit: iStock Photo

Last week, I met Madison Jones. Madison is a self-described 30-something writer, speaker, social media enthusiast and human resource connoisseur. She started a shiny new blog and reached out to me for an interview. Women, HR, new blog - how could I resist.

Madison asked great questions about how my military time shaped my HR life, technology on the job, choosing a workforce team, employee performance and industry blogs. It was fun.

Take a look at our interview here.

We connected through Women of HR so let me take a moment to point you in that direction to check out the best compilation of writing and topics related to women, HR, leadership, business and community on the web.

Have a good one!