No, Thank YOU!

I was reading a post on Wired & Hired by Idalys Sansores titled "and Thank YOU!" In it, a recruiter emphasizes the importance of the thank you note.

From both a human resource and hiring manager’s perspective, I say yes, yes, and yes. Yes, candidates should most definitely send thank you notes. I am not picky, e-mail will do. I am sorry to say that my expectations are low. I don’t receive many thank you notes and because of that, I am VERY impressed when I do.

In a previous post I said that "as a manager, I have departmental goals to accomplish and performance measures to meet and I am going to select the person that I feel can help us meet those goals." The follow up to that is that I am going to select the candidate that can do the job and show me that they want the job more than anyone else does. A follow up thank you note is one way to do that.

Thank YOU Idalys!