The Red Carpet to Employee Satisfaction

In an article written by Andrew R. McIIvaine on Human Resource Executive Online titled "Younger Workers Seek More Feedback, Partying with Boss" he writes that Generation X and Generation Y workers prefer a more hand-on approach from their managers than other generations. They also want more access and social interaction.

What is behind the desire for more access and interaction? Andrew writes that, "People look at big corporations in general as not taking care of them anymore; instead, they look to their coworkers. . . " and that "managers are under pressure to do more with fewer resources . . . the workplace is suffering from an epidemic of under management."

What do I think about that? My first thought was "YES" a real, honest, work reason to make it to the Red Carpet Martini Bar on a regular basis. I could grab the youngsters and go for an after work social. The reality is that after work activities for my family are comprised of gymnastics class and swim class for my daughter,a kick boxing class for my husband and now PTO meetings for me and I would not have it any other way.

Doing more with less is my world and there are days when I don't make it out of my office to make it down the end of the hall to say good morning to people and I struggle to remember when we last had a non-work related conversation. These are the times when I feel the least connected to and these are the times when I am most dissatisfied with work or my role. How do I address that? Although I won't be at The Red Carpet, that doesn't mean the access and interaction is not possible.

I am fortunate to have such a great group of professionals to work with and I need to make sure they know that they are valued, respected and heard, all the time. The very same could be said for my family. There is so much out there about balancing work and life, having it all, etc. After reading this article and then talking with a sad little girl last night who feels she never gets to spend enough time with her mom, I have to say that it is not about balance at all. You balance things that have equal value and, for me, tasks and people are not equally weighted and work and family is most definitely not equally weighted. It is not about having it all because I don't want it all, I want only what is important to me. 

The Red Carpet to employee satisfaction starts with me. It starts with me making the things that are important to me a priority and then figuring out how to get the other things done, or not. It's about tough choices, guarding my time and protecting what is sacred. It's about others playing by my rules and me setting appropriate boundaries. It's not about me, it's about my relationships with others and if not for those, then for what?

Now, a Snickers martini every know and then never hurt anyone!