I Wonder . . .Why is My Staff Morale so Low?

Why is morale so low?

Do you disapprove any request for leave that provides you less that two weeks notice?

Do you expect your support people to "read your mind" in regards to work expectations?

Do you look past behaviors because addressing them is a bit "uncomfortable" for you?

Do you still wonder why morale is low?

Do you take pride in having the most money unused in your award budget each quarter?

Do you wait until staff are on the verge of breakdown before you to fill a vacant position?

Do you play favorites?

Do you let your subordinate supervisors address discipline their way – or yours?!

Are your performance reviews consistently late?

Do you still wonder why morale is low?

Do you engage in shouting matches with you staff?

Do you see or measure each action or non-action as a sign of disrespect or disloyalty?

Do you take this stuff personally?!

Do you micromanage?

Do you hold back information because members of your staff just "don’t need to know?"

Do you create blanket policies to stop the bad while harming the good?

Do you still wonder why morale is low?

Do you counsel staff over e-mail?

Are employees guilty before proven innocent?

Do you believe that employees come to work to get over on you or the system and that it is your job to ensure that it does not happen?

You wonder why morale is low yet it is no wonder to me at all.