Life Long Love of Learning

My daughter discovered something last night that she says is better than TV (yeah!!). Something that she wants to share with our younger neighbor Tommy and his brother, something that she wants to share with her mom and something she wants to share with her dad. She started to read!

The first book she read from front to back last night by herself was Biscuit Wants to Play. She was on fire, the light shone from her eyes and she was absolutely beaming. Friday's are show and share days and this morning on the way out the door, she took the stuffed pink chickadee she was going to bring out of her backpack and replaced it with "Biscuit" so she can read to her teacher. We have a few easy readers at home and are making a trip to the bookstore tonight to buy some more "Kindergartner" ones for her.  She very excitedly asked if next week we can get her 1st grader ones and then 2nd grader ones . . . .  heck, we will get her whatever ones she wants.

Her dad and I are so proud of her but even better is seeing just how proud she is of herself. Biscuit Wants to Play and my daughter loves to learn! You go girl!