Technology 101

I'd like to thank Simon Meth and Shally Steckerel for my technological leap today.

Simon had sent me an e-mail in my ERE account on 12/10/06 which I just discovered I had yesterday. Thinking there was probably more out there that I should know about, I started to look around a bit and found a recent post by Shally where he talks about his Google reader. Well, what's all this fuss about a reader I asked myself? Well, I found out today that this is something that will make my life easier,  facilitate my blog/post readings and well, it is just plain great! In a matter of minutes I set up my Google Reader with subscriptions to six blogs and now, with just  one click I can see what is going on. In less than a minute, I can add additional blogs to my subscriptions . . . .yeah!

The phrase "you don't know what you don't know" seems very appropriate here!