In Lieu of Tricks and Treats

My daughter missed trick or treating last night. She could not go, she told her friends and anyone who would listen, because she had to go to "my show."  Yes, she was having a bad day and it was my fault. I put another dollar in her counseling fund and the family loaded up in the Pilot and headed for the cities right after school. Not one door bell was pressed this year by my kid.

Before you start sympathizing with her you have to know that she went to a Halloween Party on Saturday, had a Halloween Party for 12 of her closest little friends (hay ride and piñata included) on Sunday, wore her Ariel costume to guitar lessons on Monday, brought it to gymnastics on Tuesday and had a Fall Festival at school on Wednesday.

Still pulling for the kid? Would it help if I told you "my show" was The Lion King?

The show was, in one word, SPECTACULAR! The kid was wide mouthed, giggling, and on the edge of her seat the entire show. She stopped talking at one point, looked at me and my husband and said that she "was speechless, absolutely speechless." Taking the words out of a 6 year old's mouth. . .what an accomplishment. A little caffeine and some chocolate at intermission and she stayed with it for the entire 2 hour and 48 minute show.

Still a little bit of a tug for her? Let it go. On the way home she told us that the show was way better than trick or treating!