Minnesota HR in November

Ok, this really has got absolutely nothing to so with HR but here goes anyway.

Right now, Minnesotans are into DAY 3 of deer hunting season. We are done with bow and are into shotguns. I use "we" very loosely because I am not a Minnesota native and as such, want absolutely nothing to do with deer hunting. My husband headed north to the woods on Friday and my daughter and I headed north too - right to the water park.  The body slide was one of the fastest I have been on and the indoor/outdoor hot tub was awesome - but I digress.

After so many years in this fine state I am no longer startled by men, women and children walking on the edge of the woods or along the side the road with shotguns, rifles, or whatever over their shoulder; am accepting (because of its safety purpose) of the blaze orange clothing worn through out the town; and now know enough not to look in the beds of trucks or closely at passing trailers lest I want to see what I really don't want to see. I understand "drives" but do not understand sitting in a cold tree stand for hours on end.

Others hunt and enjoy it and I am ok with that. What am I not ok with? Hunting music. If I have to hear the 30 Point Buck Song on more time, I am simply going to have to scream.

Ah, I feel so much better now :)