We Endure

When we cannot see the forest for the trees and we begin to wonder if we are even making a difference at all, we endure. When we give and give and feel like there is nothing in return, we endure. When we complete an action for the third or fourth time because it's "just not quite right," we endure. When we receive (and must take) negative feedback because we are not in a position to tell the whole story, we endure.

Why? The following e-mail was sent to all employees from the medical center director,  "today I received 4 letters and e-mails from Veterans saying wonderful things about our VA. Below is the text of one letter that really was nice to see and reinforces my impression of the hard work that you all do to make this a wonderful facility. "

“Sir: I am taking this opportunity to express my regrets for not having recognized the expertise and efficiency that has been displayed by your personnel during the years that I have been an out-patient at your hospital. I have been forced to relocate and I had assumed that all the Veterans Hospitals were run as well as yours and, I suppose, you are responsible for my assumption as I had no other hospital to compare my treatment to. It was very troubling to go thru the steps necessary to receive treatment here and, then, to find the lack of ability to continue the treatments I had received at your facility was very disheartening. I have reevaluated my line of thought and I wish to thank you for having handled the administration and implementation of veterans treatment for such an extended period of time and opened my eyes too so I can be more grateful and appreciative of the staff in your hospital and the effectiveness of their operation. Again, a big THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS. Signed VMH “

We endure because we must; our veterans deserve no less.