Growing Gills

Kimberly at G-Town Talks is barely keeping her head above water, Deb at 8 hours & a lunch struggles to get things done and the Evil HR Lady comes at it from another angle in her recent post Profession or Life. What is it? Basically, the work that we do and what it takes to get it done in the time we have to do it in. There is definitely more work than time these days. From these three posts I know that I am not alone and in great company as we all grow gills. Personally, I am just a touch on the crabby and resistant side this week - yes, I argued with a senior manager about how to title certain positions on my internal HR recruitment log. This will end as soon as I board my cruise ship for 7 days of hanging out in the sun and under the sea with the husband and the kid.  To my fellow fish friends - hang in there!