So, What Are Your Deficits?

My new favorite line is from Penelope Trunk at Brazen Careerist. In her recent post, if someone is bugging you, change yourself,  she writes, " The people you work with are not idiots. It is just that some people are unable to see things like you do. You need to figure out how they see things, accept it and work around their deficits. "

Work around their deficits, I love it.  I can see myself using this phrase a bunch from here on out as I listen to the rants and raves. Heck, we all have the cross of our own deficits to bear and knowing that I can get along with people if I choose moves me from a powerless position of reaction to one of empowerment.

Overall, I am a pretty effective leader and as I began to think about Penelope's post and consider how this could impact me and my leadership I had a thought . . . is it that I am effective or could it be that my staff are effective in managing me and my deficits?! Things that make you go "hmmmmmm."