The Girl of Summer

My daughter is moving on from her most recent activity of choice, gymnastics, to her new one, pitchball, aka "baseball for kids." She really became interested in this a few days ago as she played with her 8 year old cousin who happens to be a natural born athlete. He is so great with her, coaching and encouraging her along and she is hooked. Over a few days she progressed from a really wide bat and really big ball to ones much smaller. She connects real well and gives her dad and I a run for our money. Sticking her tongue out at us as she runs around her self-drawn bases, she is having a blast. So what if she starts with us pitching to her at first base and finishes up with her home runs at third? So what if every hit just happens to be a home run or if she scores the game by how many time you tag the other person out instead of how many runs you get?  Thought about giving the HR Capitalist a run for his money by trying to mirror his series on HR lessons from professional baseball with HR lessons from summer rec happenings but I think it is best that I leave that to the pro! I will just sit back and enjoy the enthusiasm and joy on the kindergarten diamond from the stands!