Success. I Couldn't Do It On My Own

People don't promote people they don't like and they won't support them either. Without workplace support, you will not have the opportunity for advancement, stretch assignments or simply, the opportunity to succeed. 

I am supported in the workplace and my job is infinitely easier because of this support. I am not revered by any means (darn!) but I do feel that when I have something to say, people listen and when things go south, I am given the benefit of the doubt. I know that I could not do what I do everyday without the support I receive and frankly, I would not even want to try. Some days, it really is the only thing that keeps me from walking right out the back door.

As a leader, when I offer and provide support, I am in it for the long haul. I am not on the first life boat out when there is a problem, nor do I only support the super-stars. When my staff thanks me for my support, I let them know that supporting them is one of the easiest things I do each day. Really. They work hard, they are forthright with information and concerns and they keep me informed. I trust what they tell me and they never let me down.

I will not offer support to any person who refuses to try or is less than truthful: it is both a matter of integrity and practicality. Hey, I need the continued support of others too. 

In all, you must be true to yourself. Try as you might, sometimes there just is not a good match between you and others in your organization. No matter what you do, the workplace support you need or the support you are asked to provide is just not coming  In these instances,  take my advice and find another organization. Do it quickly.

It may not take a village but I am clear I could not do it on my own.

Thank you.