Avatar Recruitment. What?!

In my world, there is only one Avatar. The Avatar is the Last Airbender who is destined to save the world from the Fire Nation so, when I saw this post  from Kris, the HR Capitalist wondering if he needed an avatar to recruit, it caught my attention. Oh my, what will be next?

Ok, I will have to admit that I am not the most technologically savvy but I am getting there. I have this blog, I cut and pasted a picture into it and also copied HTML text to create my VisualDNA post.  Hey, I am even considering Jobs in Pod to augment our recruitment efforts.

On the other hand, I drove 8 hours round-trip to Sioux Falls, SD last week to assist another site with interviews so I could interview face to face instead of over the telephone. Believe me, I am ranting right along side Kris and just don't get it. For me, it is about the people, about the one on one interaction, about authenticity. Not about hiding behind a computer image.

Yes, technology will move ahead without my buy-in and many are excited about this. There are some who would not image recruiting any other way.  Not me. I will not be creating or interacting with any avatars. Where will I be? Back to Caribou sipping my iced decaf vanilla chai tea - talking - to a person. If a person cannot sit face to face with me , there is not any place for them in my organization.

Hey avatar, the Fire Nation is heading your way.