So, How Do You Post?

The Evil HR Lady posted recently about blogging, noting that most of her fellow HR bloggers post under their names and not anonymously. 

I am one of those bloggers. The, really not so evil, HR Lady questioned if posting under our names kept us more honest. In reference to one of my posts in which I spoke positively about one of my union leaders, she wondered if my knowledge that he could find this post make me think about every word that I wrote.

Well, she made me think.  In response, I'd have to  say that I do think about every word that I write. I think about the message my words send and about how it will be received by my still evolving audience.  However, I do this not because my name is associated with the post, but because that is what I do and who I am.  I think - a lot.

I only started posting in October 2006 so am relatively new to the blogosphere. When I first posted, I did so anonymously. I did not know how this was going to go, had internet safety concerns in the back of my mind, and wanted to test it out before I jumped in with both feet. As I started getting the hang of it and more comfortable with the process, I added my name.

My intention is not to use the process or space as a means to slam anyone. My intention is to use it as a place or space to think through issues, share lessons learned, and gain insights from others. I do rant and rave at times and, when I do, I make it a point to not identify people. Not because my name is on the site, but because that is not what I or the site is about. It is a personal space to discuss professional issues (with a little bit of family intertwined), professionally.

Posting under my name was a conscious decision, a choice that I made. Others choose differently and I respect that. It is easier for me to relate to posts if I know a little bit about the person and can identify some commonality with me, my situations or my interests.  So, I find that the "About Me" sections are of more value to me than the names.

To two of my anonymous faves, Evil and Your HR Guy, keep up the great posts whoever and where ever you are.