Mucho Metrics

 Numbers, measures, yardsticks, results. Dashboards, accomplishments, progress and . .  . . score!

I am part of a team tasked with developing a dashboard of HR metrics for our network. To start with, we will focus on recruitment metrics and expand to other key areas. There are books, web sites, white papers, sample score cards, fillable templates, you name it, to assist people like me not yet at the starting gate of measuring HR contributions and organizational impact.

Notice I said contributions and organizational impact - not performance. I don't want our scorecard to be all about HR performance and limited to the timely processing of acti0ns. This is a given and a set of measures we are required to have, but we have room for more. We have room for measures that assess how well the organization is utilizing it's human resources and these are what I am seeking. I could read the books, and believe me, I will. I will read the SHRM white papers and am planning a visit to their metrics page.  

Time to hire, quality of hire, and cost of hire aside, some ideas I am tossing around include % of students/interns we hire, average years of managerial experience in our current supervisors, and % of facility leadership development program graduates assuming greater responsibilities. Yet, even these are not quite capturing the essence of the forward looking dashboard I am trying to get my mind around.

Read, read, read aside, I am curious to know what actually works. So, I ask you, what metrics do you "score" with?  What metrics have you used to catch people's attention? What metrics made them stop and say, "aaaah" or "I hadn't thought about it like that" or better yet, "very interesting!" Which one (s) are you most proud of? Why? 

Here's to mucho metrics for all!