Are you tired of your job . . . . or are you just tired?

When asked, "how are you today," do you respond, "tired, very tired?"

As a wife, friend, mother of a thriving 6 year old, HR Manager, PTO Officer, gymnastics, swimming and guitar lesson observer and supporter, 8-10 hour a night sleeper who gets only 6-7 on a regular basis and one who can't get a visit to the gym in unless she goes between midnight and 4:30 am (NOT), I say YES.

Is your well dry? Do you feel as though you have nothing left to give? Do you wonder if it is your job? If it is not your job, it must be something. If not something it must be someone. Right?

Not necessarily. In her post Are you tired of your job .  . . or are you just tired?  Peggy Andrews describes a time when her well was empty. The best part is the quote from her father-in-law when he says,

"It's very easy to think you are tired of someONE or someTHING when the reality is, you are just TIRED."  

The father-in-law may be on to something. Let's go get some sleep!