Top 3 Songs You'd Want For Your Intro Music

Music. It defines moments, riles people up, calms them down and sets tone. You can tell something about a person by the music they listen to. What type(s) of music do you enjoy?

Now think about this . . . .what would your song be if you could blast music over the intercom as you were entering a meeting , getting ready to issue a disciplinary action or simply walking down the hallway?  Seriously, what would it be? Want to share? Well Kris at the HR Capitalist wants to know (and play) so click on over to HR Capitalist to enter your choices in the "Name Your Intro Music Game."  To keep things interesting and for bonus points, consider this - if your arch rival was walking into the same conference room after your entrance and you wanted to deflate them, what would you play?

Have fun!