The Beginnings of A Vision

It has been on my coffee table for a few weeks and I just started reading Career Distinction. True to form, I scanned through the entire book to see what was in store for me and I printed out the workbook. I am at the beginning and defining my vision and purpose. As I jot ideas down I find that I jump between ones that sound really cool, ones that I think I should have and then ones that actually resonate with me. Resonate is where I need to be, just need to work through the other areas to quiet the noise.

Why do this? The way I see it, I could go in any number of career directions from where I stand now. I am security minded, often go for the sure bet, and don't stretch too far beyond my comfort zone. Discontent? No, not necessarily. I am not in a bad place at all, actually, I am in a very good place. More like an inquiry. I am curious to see where I could go which can be very different from where I would take myself. 

Yes, I see a Caribou Coffee afternoon in my future . . . .