The Great Space Debate

Put me in front of an arbitrator to present a weak case, tell me one of our managers told a candidate he doesn't hire Wiccas, tell me to communicate that there will be no pay increases at all this year (I can go on and on), but please, please don't tell me that I have to fit 10 people who each have their own offices into 9 offices.  

What? I asked you not to tell me! Yes, I do know that space is getting tighter and I did not forget that I am planning to fill an open position in early 2008 and will then have to fit 11 people into 9 offices and maybe even into 8 offices if that other manager is hired. What is a girl to do?

I have a floor plan, know where the outlets, computer connections and phone lines are. I know how work gets done in my department. Rationally, I can do this rather easily. Rationally, I did it. Rationally, I began discussing this with staff. I quickly found out that this is not anywhere near a rational situation. Not even close!

Rationality goes out the door rather quickly when you have to work through and with the 3 Ps: people, personalities and preferences. I could have directed and not sought feedback but that really is not the way I operate. Things I had not considered were brought to my attention and a variety of alternate arrangements proposed (no teleworking from the spa is not an option unless I get to come). I have not yet spoke with all of my potentially impacted staff but I have made a decision.

Take my office. I am heading out for a really long vacation :)