Finding Purpose

When I got in the Pilot yesterday, the outdoor temperature gauge in my car read 12 degrees in my garage. As I exited the garage and headed towards work at 5:15 am, I watched the outdoor temperature drop to 9 degrees, 3 degrees, - 3 degrees (is that someone out walking?!), -7 degrees, and finally settling in at -12 as I noticed another crazy Minnesotan out taking a walk.

So, why am I up and driving to work at 5:15 am on a dark -12 degree morning? Well, I had a short term purpose to get some time sensitive case paperwork out and read over 2 days (!) of unread messages. So beyond the short-term purpose, did I have a long-term purpose? I must have on because I am ok with what I am doing. 

So, what is my long-term purpose you ask? You can ask it, I did. I have one, I just need a little bit of help framing and articulating it. And to do so, I am turning to the Career Encourager. The Career Encourager has some thoughts on purpose here and here that are well worth reviewing and considering. I hope you do, I know I will.

In case you are wondering, it was a balmy 23 degrees this morning.