Choose to Grow (Strong)

Exercise is not one of those things you can work hard at and continue to get the benefit after you stop. Face it, if you stop doing lunges, your bottom heads south. Exercise your hamstrings, biceps and glutes and don't forget to exercise your brain

Working with a personal trainer was one great thing I did for myself. Continuing to work with a leadership coach is another. Don't have a coach of your own? Go find one. Have one but are looking for something to supplement your coaching sessions? Here are a few ideas from two friends in the blogosphere:

  • Create a personal board of directors suggests Kris Dunn, at Fistful of Talent.  "If we are strong professionals, we're going to grow a network of folks that we can learn from, and that same group can provide feedback to you to make you a stronger professional."
  •  Form a developmental network suggests Alexandra Levitt. "The world of work has gotten too complicated for one person to provide all the guidance and opportunities you need to manage challenges and prepare for the future."

Choose to exercise. Choose to grow. Keep your love of life long learning alive. Find someone to help you. You cannot do this well on your own.