A Reader Asks About Autoresponders and Employee Engagement

An HR Manager from Australia is looking to revolutionise his onboarding program and was wondering if anyone had experiences to share about the use of autoresponders and employee engagement. He writes: 

One tool I have played with in a marketing sense is the "autoresponder" -  programmed messages to promote your product. I was then wondering if anyone had used these for regular staff updates.

As you have taken questions in the past I thought I would throw it to your and your readers to see if anyone has tried them with any success. To me they would save time, direct people to relevant reading during their probation and, if done well, assist (not solve) the engagement factor.

I personally have not had any experience with this but wonder about its effectiveness after the novelty runs out. Maybe I am feeling this way because it seems that every night when I get home now I have an automated political announcement or two, or five on my phone and I delete them before they finish their first 5 words.

So readers, what say you to Bill from Australia?