Ideas Wanted: No-Win or Potentially Combustible Situations

WANTED: Scenarios that a supervisor could encounter that can be described as either "No-Win" or "Potentially Combustible." 


I am part of a design team for a new supervisory training program. The intention is to create a relevant, compelling, interactive and fun program that will provide supervisors with tools and techniques to help them manage difficult confrontations in the workplace. 


Ok. A work group is striving for a higher level of excellence. One member of the team, however, continues to deliver just the minimum effort required. Each member of the team seeks out the supervisor to complain about the lack of effort from this individual. After the supervisor has had several conversations with that employee, the union representative pulls the supervisor aside and informs her that the individual in question has complained about harassment from all members of the work group AND from the supervisor. Soon, that team member is ostracized by the rest of the work group, and complains to the union rep that the supervisor has turned the entire work group against her. WHAT CAN THE SUPERVISOR DO?


No free books or give aways. Not even an honorable mention pin I could send your way. How about an opportunity to help a fellow blogger? Ok, how about just a little bit of fun?!


Share your stories in comments or send an e-mail to me. I will post all e-mails (unless you tell me not to) so we can all commiserate, laugh (or cry) together and, in the end, do what we can to help our supervisors succeed.