The HR Carnival is Coming to Town

The legendary character of Santa Claus is known for bringing smiles to children's faces during the Christmas holiday season with his jolly laugh and generosity.

The legendary Carnival of HR is known for bringing smiles to reader's faces with links to great posts by the best (and nicest) bloggers the web has to offer.

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer on Vixen, on to the HR Carnival and this bag of posts!


Great Leadership

Real Leaders Fire Underperformers. Dan McCarthy gives us a jolly post about the importance of axing underperformers.

Three Star Leadership

New corporate leadership styles? Wally Bock highlights an example of what leadership looks like from Andrew Jackson.

Team Doc

How To Improve Morale When the Outlook is Dim. You can't improve morale with team building games. Good old communication can do the trick properly every time, posts Denise O'Berry.

The MBTI Blog

The Sears Experience: A Case Study of Performance Metrics and Honesty. Breanne Potter posts that performance metrics are only as good as your employees are honest.

Compensation Force

Ann Bares is an Evangelist for Leadership Commitment to Performance Management.

Maximize Possibility Blog

Six Time Management Tips and Techniques for Improved Productivity. Chris Young offers six time management tips for improving your level of productivity at work and adding more value to your organization’s bottom line.

HR Minion.

Dude, your life is getting in the way of my work. A little rant from the HR Minion about how people need to keep their personal lives out of work and stop making her do more work.

Fortify Your Oasis.

Golden Oldies - Career (n) VS Career (v). Rowan Manahan gives us something to think about with one of the first things he wrote on his blog that is particularly relevant to the current turbulence. Guide to Human Resources.

Hiring Expectations Plunge. We all know the economy is a problem, but these stunning numbers from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) make them hit home powerfully in this post by Susan Heathfield.

jessica lee writes

So, Say an Employee of Yours Shoots Himself in the Leg. . .Your Response Would Be? Was "protect your employment brand" your first answer? If not, Jessica Lee gives you something to think about.

8 hours & a lunch

Every Company Has Its Jet. Deb Owen wonders if HR is really in touch with employees or truly understands what motivates behavior. What do you think?

And with that, this "wraps up" the latest edition of the HR Carnival. The December 24 Carnival will be hosted by The Career Encourager at Career Encouragement.