Facebook. Again.

I deactivated my Facebook account a little over a year ago. I reactivated it a few days ago.

Why? I wanted to give it another try. The family has not jumped on the Twitter bandwagon (yet). The closest family members are 4 hours away, the rest are on either coast or somewhere in between. We see them periodically, or sporadically, at best. They have things happening in their family units each and every day and a glimpse into their days would give us that much more of a connection. 

Why now? Laurie  tweeted on Twitter that she had her Christmas pictures on Facebook. I wanted to see them so off to Facebook I went. I realized rather quickly that I could not get anywhere close to the pictures without being a friend. Can't be a friend without an active account. So, I did it. I reactivated my account.

What happened? Within a few hours, and then again the next day, I received invites from 2 family members. One had just set up her account that same day (freaky).

Now what? The profile is minimal but it is there. Over time (as I have time) I will add more to it. 

Making connections. One profile at a time.