Rethinking Performance and What I Did This Past Week

Of all things HR, performance management is the one thing I think about more than anything. I posted about it here. I watched it here. I read about it here and here. I tweeted about it here:

Reading WSJ article on performance feedback This is where we need to be heading.

Rericson @lisarosendahl totally agree. Doing a lot of "Gen Y" ee work - for my company and for clients. Shifting culture to one of feedback is key.

The votes are in and the answer is clear- shifting culture to one of feedback is key. This is where we need to be headed. We are not there yet.

That cat is out of the bag. For all of my thinking, posting, watching, reading and tweeting, I am not there yet myself, or with my own staff. Of all the things I do and of all the people I interact with each day, I  devote the least amount of time performance management. After each midterm and annual review I vow to do this differently, yet I never am able to get to it.

I made the time to get to it this week. I set up recurring 30 minute monthly meetings with each person in my department. To start with, we will review program goals/performance measures; discuss what is going well, what is not going well and what we can do about it; and talk about how I can help. I am challenging myself to make, seek out, or create the time between meetings to keep the conversations going.

Will this be of value to anyone but me? It simply has to be.