This Just in From The Kid

If you follow me on Twitter (, you already know that my second grader had her first after-school activity yesterday. You are also aware that I had forgotten about it.

Each night we always talk with the kid about the next day: school lunch, drop-offs and pickups at daycare, evening activities, etc.  We did not discuss her Dazzle Me Draw class. So, when her friend asked her about it and reminded her it was later then day, she thought I had forgotten, She was right, I did.

Not sure if I remembered or not, she talked with her teacher. Her teacher gave her the phone to call me. She first called home and, realizing I was at work, she called my cell phone. I was in a meeting so did not get the message right away. When I did, I immediately called the school, spoke to the kid and assured her I would be at the school at 3:40 to pick her up. I was.

Later that night, cleaning out her backpack, I saw a note in her backpack to me. She wrote that when she realized that I had forgotten, she was scared. Yes, she was scared and in the face of that, she did the right (and very responsible) thing. She wrote that she felt much better after we talked.

This was a big deal to her and got to her at a level that I was not aware of until I read her note. A wake-up call to me; a reason for her to be proud of herself; and a lesson for the family.

All is well and I know for sure that we will not miss any of the next 6 classes. Why? Well, she got out her step stool and wrote "Dazzle Me Draw" in BIG letters in on the calendar for each of the next 6 classes.

My kid is a keeper!