Current Employment and Bankruptcy

Due to my husband's upcoming military retirement and several other factors we are forced to possibly file bankruptcy within the next six month. I currently work for a credit card processor and my credit was checked prior to employment, I passed and was hired. Now that we are possibly filing bankruptcy will this effect my employment, is it possible that I could lose my employment? I am not aware that my credit is checked on a regular basis....and I am hesitant to ask anyone.

The company conducted a pre-employment credit check. This indicates that credit is of some importance to the company. Credit history can go directly to financial accountability or be deemed an indicator of responsibility and accountability. Bankruptcy in and of itself is not a bad thing. Bad things happen to good people. An unfortunate event disclosed can be of little significance to your employment but the same event "discovered" often raises questions.

Full disclosure is always the best policy. Regardless of whether or not credit is checked on a regular basis, you should consider disclosing this. Does  company policy require you to inform them of any changes in your financial status? Unless you are responsible for handling a company's money, i.e. finance, a bankruptcy likely would not interfere with your employment however with what I know from your question I cannot say that without a doubt. Why? Well, you made reference to "several other factors."  The nature of these factors is important as are your actual job duties and company policies.

Here is a link to another post Employment After Bankruptcy . Bottom line for me as the average HR Manager, If you tell me about it, I can be much more open and willing to consider and weigh than if you attempt to hide. It goes to integrity and honesty and frankly, the HR staff or company could find out about it anyway.

My thanks to you and your husband - to him for his service and to you for your support. Best of luck to you.