HR Carnival

Welcome to the First Anniversary Edition of the HR Carnival.

It would not be fitting to start this Carnival off with anyone other than the founder of this gathering of sorts. So, first out of the chute is the Evil HR Lady with her thoughts on business planning. What if we worked to anticipate problems? What if HR did it's job and analyzed how people were working and what things were really necessary? 

The organization is on many blogger minds. Many organizational cultures have great opportunities for growth and improvement. Consider the long term view, visit the Maximize Possibility Blog to be sure you don't throw the baby out with the bath water! Is pay for performance as simple and easy as saying "bad dog" for jumping on the sofa and "good dog" for heeling?  Not necessarily says Trusted Advisor  as he posts on how just paying people for "performance" often doesn't work out very well. Looking for a way to keep employee engagement on the front burner for supervisors? Interested in measuring basic needs, confidence, belonging, growth and retention? Uncle Joe's Leadership blog has a way.

Leaders learn to lead by leading. They don't learn to lead in a classroom. They don't learn to lead from a book. Great leadership development programs provide tools and support to help developing leaders learn faster and more effectively. Got your interest? Three Star Leadership has much more on this topic! Looking to reduce the time that it takes a new leader and his or her new work team to begin to communicate more openly and freely, and build trust, inclusion, and collaboration? Check out the new leader integration process at Great Leadership.

Calling all ISTJs out there. Enjoy the comfort of e-mail recruiting? Reluctant to make that call? Hesitant to break the ice and call that applicant directly? You can do it. Really. The HR Capitalist did! Hmmmm. Would this make The HR Capitalist a planner or an impromptu? Pop over to to join the discussion about two types of performers in the organization: planners and impromptus.  Knowing which camp is yours can be very helpful.

Whoa, there's more to wet your whistle. Read about penny-wise, pound-foolish employment practices at the Ohio Employment Law Blog, congratulate Nurse Ratched on her new job, and the results are in - polka dots can be a contributing factor to painful headaches! Check out the HR Wench to see why one Swedish school went monochromatic. Typos got you down? Visit Fortify Your Oasis and join the rant. Better yet, join the push to raise the bar on "truly horrible sentences."

Is differentiation really important in people management? What types of differentiation are relevant? What are the implications of differentiation? Is it worth the trouble and effort?  Simplicity at the other side of complexity takes this one on. Don't stop thinking yet! Just in, the MIT Club of Northern California and SmartSilvers sponsored an event on The Emerging Brain Fitness Software Market: Building Better Brains to explore the realities and myths of this growing field. Want to know more? Check out Sharp Brains - Your Brain Fitness Center. Hmmmm. Wonder if they can help me with sudoku puzzle #57. . .

Finding out you didn't get a job is always disheartening news. But if you are committed that you don't want a job unless it is a good match on both sides, you'll be able to move on with grace and calm. This post at the Career Encouragement Blog is a definitely a keeper. 

Do you seek balance and insanity? Click on over to 8 hours & a lunch to see what one amazing person, committed to living in this world doing something that inspires, uplifts, and invigorates her, is up to. 

This edition of the carnival ends with a blast from the not-so-distant past. This is where it all began.