Love Your HR Manager

Supervisors, are you thinking of:

  • Using e-mail to counsel an employee? 
  • "Sliding" an employee into a new position without posting it?
  • Counseling an employee after they were sent home by employee health due to a contagious illness?
  • Inquiring about a possible drinking problem when an employee calls in to request sick leave?
  • Telling your licensed employee that you will give them an additional grace period to renew their license even if the state boards don't?
  • Notifying the Union that you "appreciate" the negotiation process and their position but you disagree and are making a change anyway?
  • Setting a start date for a new employee without notifying HR? There are silly little details to be taken care of like an offer of employment.
  • ________________? (Fill in the blank HR Pros!)

Stop right there and come talk with me, your friendly HR Manager. My door is always open.