A Mother's Pride

Right now, there is nothing tougher for me than being a working mom.

I put a crying kid on the school bus yesterday and needless to say, my Monday did not go so well. My daughter did not want to go to school. Actually, she did not want to be away from me.

We ended the week last week the same way as we moved into the weekend. She (we) had some tough mornings Thursday and Friday. Both of those days, I drove her to school myself and sat with her in the cafeteria until she calmed down and was ready for class. We headed for the waterpark for the weekend and it really was her weekend. We did only what she wanted to do. We have some silly stories to share with Dad when he gets home tonight. There is nothing like jetting out of a super fast body slide with your feet in the air and hair in your face to a 7 year old little girl laughing so hard she can hardly swim to give you a little perspective.

My daughter is a great kid and you can imagine the thoughts running through my head yesterday morning at daycare. Why couldn't I just call in to work and volunteer at school with her? Why couldn't I take her out of school for just one day? Why? Why? Why?

Because moms have responsibilities. Because little girls have to go to school. Because moms love their kids even when they are not with them. Because l know she can do this (it is me I am worried about). The bus came and I put her on it. I gave her some extra tissues, a big hug and her backpack and she walked up the steps. Did the thumbs up from the bus driver mean I was not the first mom he has watched do this?

What kind of a mom puts a crying kid on a bus and waves goodbye?

The kind of mom that knows there are some really great kids on the bus. The mom that knows it is 1.2 miles to school and that the principal is there to greet each child as they walk in the door and would notice in an instant if one was not doing well. The mom that called the teacher to let her know what happened and asks her to keep an eye on her little girl for the day.

So, how did the day go? Better for her than for me. I picked up a smiling, joyful little girl at the end of the day. When I asked about her day, she said she was sad on the bus and a little in the morning but all of her friends were happy so it was hard to stay sad. She was able to spell the first 6 months of the year and earned a boot to her snow pal and she said the teacher read a book to class that had a song that went, "I will love you forever, I will like you for always, as long as I am living, my baby you will be."  Thank you Mrs. J.

Seeing my daughter at the end of the day, one thing came to mind immediately to me - resilience. Is it that or something else?  Is it a little girl growing up? Right now I am not sure but there is one thing that I am sure of, I am so very proud of her.