I Could Not Work From Home

I could not work from home. I could not work from home for one very simple reason: I would not be able to drive into work.

There are two stop lights and lots of open space between my house and my job. I may dodge a deer or two but I do not dodge traffic, merge and exit, or stop and start. With a day care drop off, I make a total of 5 turns over 12 miles. Without a drop-off, my total turns drop down to 3.

When I drive, I think. When I think, I get clarity. As clarity approaches, it is often met with a big AHA. AHAs are cool and when they occur, my world seems to jump back in alignment. AHAs happen. And I am almost always driving when they do.

I guess I could work from home; I would just have to take the long way to work each day.