Motivation From the Gym Floor

I am heading out on vacation, really.

Dedicated exercise buff that I have become (3 days per week), I figured I could (should) get some cardio in before I left. To the gym I went, thinking about how much better I would feel when I was done. To the treadmill I went, running to the news.

To the weights the lifters went, lifting to their partner's grunts, groans and motivations. Most of the time, I hear without reaction. Some of the time, I look to see what the heck is going on. This time, however, I heard something that I think will remember, draw from and share. I will remember it because it was exactly the way I was feeling as I finished up my run (and it sounds so much better than what I was thinking!). I will draw from it because it is how I find myself feeling at different times in my work day. I will share it because I think others find themselves feeling the same. 

So, without further ado. . . . . .  "let your air catch up to you."