After the Termination

I posted recently about terminations. In the comments, Scott offered "...and never forget every person that is terminated has a number of friends still in the business waiting to become workplace dementors if you are not seen to be doing the right thing!"  

This started me thinking, "what happens in an organization after a termination." The employee is gone. HR puts the evidence file away, closes the personnel folder and the vacant position filled. Is that it? These may be the process actions we take, however, the effects of a termination do not end there. The terminated employee is effected. The supervisor of the terminated employee is effected. The co-workers of the terminated employee are effected. In the end, the organization may  very well be effected.

I am curious. How have terminations, or a specific termination, impacted you or your organization? Have you or your organization taken any proactive, conscious steps to mitigate potential negative effects? What have you had success with?

Let me know.