The Blogging Blues

There is so much happening in the HR blogosphere, it is mind boggling! With a quick check  of my Google Reader and long over due visits to some of my favorite sites, here is what I found:

The HR blogosphere is buzzing. I am not.

I think I have the blogging blues. My ideas are so fleeting lately. I can't get them to the page.  Here's what I am thinking: this awesome train is passing me by (I fell off of Alltop!); the Internet is great and it offers what you need when you need it; I am connected to an on-line community and I don't want that connection to wither over time. (Wither? Yes, I did say that and frankly don't know where that word came from either but it works doesn't it?!)  So what's going on here . . . little bit of guilt, little bit of F.O.M.O, little fear of losing my audience . . . .

Could it be an educated woman with a husband and daughter (beginning her second week of second grade), working 50 hours a week, house training a 4 month old puppy, managing an HR department transitioning from paper to electronic files in 14 (!) days, while trying to maintain a regular exercise schedule and carving out family time?

I am so glad we had this little talk.