HR Carnival - 25 Pieces of HR Awesomeness

This rendition of the Carnival is hosted by Ben Eubanks, on his blog, Upstart HR. Well, along with the new logo comes 25 pieces of HR Awesomeness - and a challenge. I've known Ben for almost a year now and had the opportunity to meet him last weekend at HRevolution. He is a ball of fire, a barrel of ideas, and a commited contributor to and supporter of the HR Community. So, the idea of him throwing out a challenge is not at all unexpected.

What's the challenge? Ben is challenging you to pick your favorite article, print it out, and hand deliver it to someone who could benefit from the information. With 25 great posts to select from, this will be a very easy thing to do. Or will it?

Read, pick and share away. Oh, yes. Enjoy!