The Stalking Begins Today

I am heading out for lunch today. Yes, Lisa is taking a real live, get away from my desk, get in the car and drive somewhere lunch. I am going to the local SHRM Chapter Holiday Social.

Me leaving my desk for lunch is a big deal and honestly, it is a way bigger deal than it really should be. Considering my commitment to making a difference and to connection, getting out and about should be a regular part of business for me. It hasn't been.

I said I would get outside of my work into my own backyardback in April, but I didn't. Now I am. Thanks to Paul DeBettignies, the amazing MN Headhunter, and fine folks from HRP MN, I am getting to know members of the HR recruitment community in the cities and today, my sites are set on St. Cloud. 

Not only is VA having a tough time attracting HR professionals nationally, but yesterday someone noted that we have not been able to attract a lot of interest from HR people from our local community. He was right and that's a problem. That's my problem. People in the community don’t know a lot about us - or me. I bet that if they knew me and knew that they had a chance to work with me – they’d be lining up at the door!

So, with that end in mind, my goal today is to spread some holiday cheer, seek out the best HR professionals in Central MN and stalk them.

Ho, ho, ho! I've got my eye on you.