Just a Girl Looking For Her Niche

I changed my blog design last weekend. I received a few replies on Twitter (thx to all) and one in particular has me stumped.

bryanzmijewski @lisarosendahl Nice, simple layout. I suggest a one sentence summary of you and why I should read your blog under your photo. Sell readers!

Great point! I quickly set out to summarize me and why you should read my blog in one line. What seemed so simple is turning out to be very difficult and I guess this is a reflection of where I am right now.

My blog space is in need of a refresh. The title, and focus, was feeling restrictive to me and I started looking for more. Not sure what more was, I sought out a blog review and based on this review, I made formatting and titling changes. If you are looking to do the same, you can find some great tips on web design to get you started right here from Scribbizy.

I then began thinking about the purpose of the blog, what I wanted to gain from it, and what would provide value to others. I enjoy blogging. I enjoy human resources, supervising, learning, and sharing what I learn with others. I enjoy seeing the perspectives of others. I enjoy writing and am intrigued by words. So, I decided to go with words this time and sought out a "wordy" template.  This new template is a little closer to where I think I want to go but it's still not quite there yet.

I am not sure where to take the space and I that's ok. I will know it when I see it. So, why do I tell you this? For one it was on my mind and for two, to let you know that there may be changes in this space as I play and try different things out.

Bryan, I owe you (and me) a line. Until then, I guess I am just a girl looking for her niche!