A Little Dose of Acceptance

I have a leadership coach and have worked with her for over 7 years. She is amazing. Each and every time I speak with her, I learn something new. More often than not, I leave our meetings with a right-out-of-the-blue insight.

I am not talking about an insight that you were a little short with a peer last week or should have invited Director so-and-so to the budget meeting. I am talking about an insight where you gain a new perspective on an issue or an individual's motivation; become aware of an assumption or judgement you were unconsciously making; or realized your action (or inaction) was contributing to, or causing, conflict amongst subordinates or peers. These insights can stop you in your tracks and take your breath away. Once you see it, it is so clear to you that you can't believe that you missed it before. For better (or worse), now that you see it, you are compelled to do something about it.

Think back to a time you had an insight like this. How did you feel? Did you feel powerful, energized and ready to shout it from the roof tops? Or did it make you cry? Did you feel like you needed to apologize to others for not seeing this sooner? To right your wrongs? To atone for your sins?

Did you want to be able to go back and do it (whatever it was) all over again - differently?

An insight is a gift. Grab it and own it. It is yours. An insight is a powerful opportunity to make a difference moving forward. No do-over necessary. You are doing just fine.