3 Thoughts From a New HR Professional

This Guest Post is authored by Ben Eubanks, an HR professional who loves to write and enjoys giving and receiving career advice.

Leaping into a field like HR is quite interesting. I’ve only been doing this for a short while, but I can tell that it’s like nothing else out there. We take problems and make them our own. We sometimes have the thankless job of policing and cleaning up after poor employee behaviors.

But then there’s the other side of the equation. We fix problems. Help people to love their jobs. Reward people for performing exemplary work. Guide employees along their career paths toward a rich, satisfying future. Sure, HR has its quirks, but by keeping a few ideas in mind, your work can be more fulfilling, exciting, and engaging.

Enthusiasm is Essential

I often get complimented on my enthusiasm. It’s a product of many things—from my fresh perspective to my desire to learn everything right now. Enthusiasm is essential not only in the early years, but in the later ones as well. What good is having all of those years of experience if you’ve turned into a curmudgeon? Having the right blend of knowledge and enthusiasm turns you into a credible advocate for the profession as a whole. Plus, it can help you to inspire others.

Humor is Handy

Humor is handy in so many different situations. I think that’s one thing that sets me apart from so many HR professionals. Growing up in a small business with parents who injected liberal doses of humor into the workplace prepared me for my role in HR. Sure, I can be funny, but it’s nothing for me to step into a serious role as required. Being able to laugh (especially at yourself) will go a long way toward increasing your longevity in regards to both career and physical health. Sharing that humor will make you stand out.

Maintenance is Mandatory

Like a marriage or a flower, proper care will help your HR career to flourish. Continually seeking new ways to innovate in the workplace will make you more valuable to the organization, and going out of your way to network with other professionals on Twitter or LinkedIn can make quite a difference in your own career in the long run. Keep in mind that the HR field changes very often, and it’s up to you to face that challenge head on. Be competent and current in what matters to you and your organization, and you will be highly valued by the leadership.

Of course, like much that I write, these HR thoughts can be applied to both new professionals and veterans, but that doesn’t mean they are any less true. Keeping enthusiasm, humor, and a “maintenance mindset” will mean that a young professional won’t be as likely to get burned out, and they could help a seasoned veteran along toward a stellar career.

Ben writes his own blog, UpstartHR. True to his words, Ben is enthusiastic, funny and focused and he is developing quite a presence on line. Did I mention he has energy?  Subscribe to his blog and follow him on Twitter to (try to) keep up with him. 

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