On Parental Patience

"Have patience with me," said the kid to the mom and that was all it took to send the mom down a path of inquiry. Truth be known, it really doesn't take much. Days are full and lives are full. At the end of a full day, even the best can find themselves a bit drained. Throw in multiple requests to get the teeth brushed, the homework done and the snacking complete and patience can be in short supply.

From the little day to day happenings to the big things in mind, life is full of opportunity and choices. The challenge lies in managing the equation and choosing "right" while forgetting the rest. Some days I clearly do better than others yet every day I see the reflection of my choices in my family. And, in the spirit of equal partnership, the same holds true for the husband.

So yes,we lose patience as parents and I donate regularly to the kid's future counseling fund but overall, the reflections we see are positive.

Why? We try hard to remember that of all the big things and little things in our days, the biggest little thing in it all is the amazing little being we call "the kid."

What's the biggest little thing in your life?