Time for HR Thoughts (the title) to Go

Hey there and welcome to HR Thoughts. This is my blog and I've had it for almost three years. I named it quickly one weekend in October 2007 (I had to have a name to open an account) and the name has served me well.

I wonder sometimes about what direction to take the blog and when I do, a couple of things usually happen:

  • "HR Thoughts" as a title feels a bit restrictive.
  • "HR Thoughts" shows up in Google Alerts as a title on another blog.

The owners of the other blogs have been gracious enough each time to change the title of their new ventures. Overall, "HR Thoughts" is a pretty common term and not one that I am particularly tied to. The first time it occurred, I added Lisa Rosendahl to my title to differentiate my thoughts from others but each time contact another blog owner using the title "HR Thoughts"  it gets me thinking.

I'm thinking it's time for a change. The blog stays but the title goes.

I am looking for a title that will sustain as I evolve, be unique, and reflect the content of the blog. I've been jotting down ideas, finding my ideas are already taken, playing on thesaurus.com, and keeping my eyes and ears open for ideas. I considered titling the blog Lisa Rosendahl but it seems to need a verb and I prefer the top search term that brings people here not be "who the heck is she?"

So far I've got nothing. But I'm still thinking. Stay tuned.

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