Top 50 Leadership Blogs of 2010

"We may not all be natural born leaders, but the power to become one is within each of us. And in order for us to take our companies from being just good to great, we need to learn how to unleash that power."

So true.

And with this lead-in, Evan Carmichael presents his Top 50 Leadership Blogs for 2010. Again, I am honored to be included on the list. So, take a look and then keep on scrolling because there so many writers worth adding to your Google Reader.

I see many familiar faces and stop at a few that are new to me:

Management Craft Lisa Haneberg thinks of management and leadership as a craft – a practice that we hone and develop over time. Learn her for tips for enabling business effectiveness and alignment.

Women’s Leadership Exchange Blog Women’s Leadership Exchange (WLE) is a social entrepreneurship organization founded by and for successful businesswomen. 

What did you find?