Social Media Tools Are Not The Boss Of Me

..... anymore.

A few weeks ago I embarked on a social media nip and tuck to frame up my social media efforts. My goals are to deepen and strengthen my connections, collaborate on a professional project and write beyond the blog

A work in progress, I am reevaluating how I am using the tools and checking out some new ones. Touching on the very basics, here is what I've done so far in no particular order other than the length of the bullet:

  • Test drove out Nutshell Mail 
  • Created my first Google doc
  • Set aside time to write each morning
  • Updated my contact form on the blog
  • Reduced my RSS feeds to just over 100
  • Set LinkedIn to weekly vs. daily updates 
  • Unsubscribed from many retail mailing lists
  • Deleted memberships in 2 online HR communities
  • Routed some mail to a gmail account to check it out
  • Decreased the email notifications from Facebook - a lot. 
  • Reviewed current LinkedIn groups, added some and left others

Up next is setting aside time to actually read my Google Reader items and not scan them on the fly, reviewing professional email newsletter subscriptions with an eye on reduction, reviewing my Linked In profile, updating my blog roll, dusting off my Google Voice number and checking out Google calendar.

It's a start. It's part of the grand plan. And it's all good. 

How about you? Do you have basic strategies that work best for you? Tell me about them in the comments below. 

Photo credit iStock Photo