Where I'll Be

I am leaving on a jet plane . . .  and heading out of town a few times over the next few weeks.

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to the cities to catch a flight to NY to spend a few days in a room full of powerful leaders as a guest of The Conference Board at the Women's Leadership Conference.

The following week I am heading to Chicago to HREvolution. I have a quick flight in one day at out the next but will maximize my time meeting Deirdre Honner, HR Maven in real life (yippee), catching up with old friends and meeting new. When I am not schmoozing and learning from my peers, I'll be facilitating a session with my friend, Jennifer McClure - details to come. Trust me (really, you can trust me), this session will be a good one.

Although the full-time job will interfere with my plans to attend the Social Recruiting Summit, I couldn't let the coolest people I know (outside the family unit) gather in my backyard and not see them. So, I am attending the LinkUp TweetUp with my non-twit husband in tow. Being within spitting distance of the amusement park at Mall of America without the kid may be a challenge but we're working on it.

I'll be getting down to business with the lawyers (just the cool ones) at the 2010 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute. First session on my agenda is, "Help! My Facebook De-Friended You Tube and Ran Off With Twitter." With that title and electronic polling as part of the session, how could I NOT sign up for this one! With 2 days of jam packed sessions, I may actually get my junior lawyer card - finally!

So, if you are going to be where I am, let me know, look me up and let's meet in real life!


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