Pondering HRevolution 2010

HRevolution has left Chicago.

HR social media thought leaders and practitioners from around the country converged for 24 hours+ of  discussions on HR, social media, communications, and leadership/development. And now it's over.

Starting with the Monster Tweetup Friday night, we met up with old friends and met online friends (and new friends) for the very first time. The connections and conversation made Friday night carried over into the unconference the next day and the Catalyst Ranch was charged both with excitement and  easiness. 

My high point of the day was the session I facilitated with Jennifer McClure. Discussing whether or not HR could be trusted, we had a great discussion. After that, I joined other sessions covering topics that included blogging, generations in the workplace and  health care. I listened, observed and reacted, but personally, something was missing. No denying it - I didn't have the same spark that I saw in others. Was it the topics discussed. . .or was it me? Have I lost my spark for the future of HR?

After lunch, I took some time out of the sessions, grabbed some bacon popcorn (yes, bacon popcorn!) and started to question if HR really is where I am supposed to be. Seriously. I don't know.

In a stream of consciousness kind of way, here is another thought on my mind:

HR professionals are at so many points across the spectrum in terms of social media, credibility, influence, and leadership. Giving them social media knowledge, a new way of speaking about it, or links to cool tools are not going to get them anywhere if they lack credibility, influence or the ability to get things done. For some, the gap between where they are today and where they know they (and their organizations) can be, seems  impossible to bridge.

It's not sexy, flashy, or particularly forward thinking but our future looks bleak if we can't create a confident, capable, credible and influential human resource ground swell where the rubber meets the road. 

More to come. Later.

Thoughts, food, bacon popcorn aside, I'd like to acknowledge the HRevolution planning crew and thank them again for the work they did to bring this event to us. You rock!