A New Look and A New Feed

Since its inception, the blog has had a name change and a few design changes. Well, I did it again and changed my design. But, first things first.

New feed

Simply Lisa used to be HR Thoughts. When I changed the name, I didn't clean up my feeds and, as OCDish as I am, it's been bugging me. I created a new feed for my site last night. The current feed will be active until Saturday, May 22 then it is coming down, so please click below to update your RSS or email subscription:

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New look 

Until now, I've been designing my blog myself. In the very loosest sense of the term, that means I've been using standard templates. I chose templates that had lots of white spaces and minimal design distractions and had a "technical" feel to them. 

I am a solid human resource practitioner and while human resources will always be at my technical core, I am in this for the long haul. My interests and aspirations extend beyond my day job and my blog design did not reflect that for me. I was seeking a design that would convey a message of confidence, trust and strength. I was seeking a design with an eye to my future. 

Tara Repucci and her team at NAS Recruitment Communications (Andrea Wolny, Katherine Sandlin and Kevin Hawkins) read my mind when they offered (at no cost) to develop a new design concept for my site to showcase their work. They were fun to work with and asked great questions. What you see on the site today is the result of their creative and technical work. When I saw it, I instantly relaxed as stress I didn't know I had left my body. This is the right design for me, right here and right now. 

Same Blog

New feed, new look, same blog. Thank you for your continued readership and support. Until the next change . . . be brave out there!