What Women of HR Means To Me

Nothing stays the same. Just when things are getting comfy and start to settle into a routine, something comes along that shakes things up a little. The latest shake up for me is co-founding Women of HR.

Women of HR, conceived as a place for women to share information and discuss issues that impact our lives, is evolving right before my very eyes: 

  • Co-founder Trish McFarlane, envisions this as a place where women and men contribute ideas about the way gender affects business and other issues for women.
  • Co-founder Shauna Moerke dishes subversion and calls women to challenge the status quo and hold firmly to ideals and morals despite overwhelming pressure to give in.
  • Contributor Lois Melbourne offers that "maybe the distinction is more a matter of the perspective of women then specifically female exclusive issues."

Women of HR is a little different for everyone. The one thing that brings it all together, and the reason I am a co-founder, is community and collaboration. Who couldn’t use a little more community and collaboration in their lives? 

It's inspiring to see posts come in from the Women of HR contributors and to have a first hand glimpse at what's on their minds. The posts and the conversations are helping me to frame up what Women of HR means to me. It's not about HR and it's not about raising my daughter. It may be about ideas that transcend my day to day, about broader societal questions, or simply about moving through life as a woman - which is anything but simple.  

I have this drive to define, organize, quantify, and grasp and I can't do that right now with Women of HR. It makes me a little antsy and I'm ok with that. I am ok with standing on the edge of the unknown because something amazing is about to happen. And that's exhilarating.